Norah | ten months

AGE: 10 months

HEIGHT: 30 inches

WEIGHT: 21 lbs

CLOTHING SIZE: 12 month clothing

UPDATE: Norah is crawling, pulling herself up on things, can go up the stairs, and has even started to let go of what she is holding onto and stand on her own. She has 7 teeth and and loves food. She will eat anything (even things that she isn't supposed to eat). She is saying a few words: mama, dada, uh-oh. Norah is one tough cookie. Her brother plays rough with her and she hardly makes a peep! She also has a few "tricks". If you ask her how big she is, she gets a big smile on her face and puts her hands up in the air (photo #2). She also claps and gives the best open mouth kisses when you ask for one. Sometimes she will even give me a kiss without me having to ask, which is just the best. Norah still sleeps like a champ and takes 3 naps during the day. She is up early in the mornings but usually just hangs out in her crib until we get Isaiah up around 7:30. We are always greeted with a big smile when we walk into her room. She is such a joy.

We love you sweet girl :)


Girl's weekend in Waco, TX

A few weekends ago I took a trip to Waco, TX with one of my best friends, Tanisha.
Just like pretty much everyone else on the planet, we are obsessed with Fixer Upper so we figured this would be a great girl's trip!

Hopefully this will be a helpful tour guide if you ever decide to visit Waco yourself!

We left early on a Thursday morning and drove 13 hours south. The drive went rather quickly and included some jam sessions, lots of coffee, and gas station candy. We arrived late Thursday evening and ordered in pizza.

We stayed at an Airbnb and it was incredible! It was in an old building called the Praetorian and we had amazing views. In fact, our bedroom window looked right over Magnolia. I highly recommend staying here.


First thing Friday morning we decided to visit Magnolia in order to avoid the crowds. We first stopped at the Bakery and tried 3 different cupcakes. We only had to wait in line for about 5 minutes to place our order. We ordered the Silobration cupcake, a vanilla lavender cupcake, and a peach pie cupcake. The peach pie one was life changing. So. Stinkin'. Yummy.

Next we headed into the shop. This is a 2 level store with lots to see and love. We wandered around in there for over an hour in order to stop and look at everything. I would pick something up I liked and carry it around with me for a while. Then I would find something else I liked more and put the other thing down. I ended up leaving that store with a few little gifts, an apron, a hat, and a t-shirt for Brenton.

We then moved on to the Seed & Supply shop. This is a tiny little shed surrounded by gardens. I picked up a cute little terra-cotta pot and Tanisha got an adorable "Garden Mama" shirt.

Part of Magnolia's perimeter is lined with food trucks of all kinds. We decided to have lunch there and then head out.

The rest of Friday we wondered around a cute space called Spice Village. I highly recommend stoping here! Its a huge space filled with little booths of all different vendors. You can find clothing, home decor, kids stuff, gifts, etc. Definitely worth the stop. We spent a few hours here to make sure we saw everything.

Before heading home we stopped at Crickets, which is right next door to Spice Village. We each did a flight of beer and an appetizer to share. Unfortunately we did not get the creme of the crop as far as service goes. Our waiter got our beer mixed up and we had to guess what we were drinking. But the beer was good and so was the food.

That night for dinner we decided to check out DiamondBack's Chophouse. This was an upscale restaurant. We were not expecting it to be that nice but luckily were dressed appropriately for a fancy dinner. The steak was very good and they serve pop-overs with a sweet butter as an appetizer.


Saturday morning we took our time getting out the door. Being moms to little kids, we both really wanted a relaxing day.

Once we were ready to go, we decided grab some food quick at a place that was recommended to us called Lula Jane's. They used all fresh ingredients and constantly change up what they are serving. That day it was brunch, but unfortunately we were too slow moving that morning and they were out of pretty much everything. They did have some desserts left so we shared a piece of buttermilk pie and a dessert that included grilled peaches and champaign ice cream. Both of these were fantastic.

Once we had some food in our system, it was time to shop. First stop was a place called Lovely. It's a tiny little shop that is connected to a ministry called Jesus Said Love. All of the proceeds go back into this ministry. At Jesus Said Love, their ministry is to share the love of Jesus with women trapped in the commercial sex industry. The woman who was working at the shop that day was rescued out of the industry 6 months ago and has started working with Lovely to make ends meet. She told us her whole story. I think we were there for an hour just talking. Our hearts broke over her story and the situation that most of these women are in. We didn't know this was going to be our experience at this shop, but it was one of our favorite things about this trip. We both walked away with some t-shirts and jewelry. (Check out their website at jesussaidlove.com)

We then moved on to some antique shops. There is a street in Waco (La Salle Ave) that has 4 really good stores. We visited The Junky Monkey, Shades of Shabby, Junque in the Trunk, and Riverside Relics. These are all great places to stop if you are looking for something fun to take home. We stumbled upon the original door from the Magnolia Bakery before the renovations. One of the antique stores had that as well as the original doors off of a building Chip and Jo are currently renovating and turning into a restaurant!

It was a hot day in Waco, so we decided our next stop was going to be Common Grounds Coffee Shop for some iced coffee. They serve a few coffees with their "secret sauce". YOU NEED TO TRY SOMETHING WITH THE SECRET SAUCE! It was hands down the best coffee I have ever had. We each ordered the Cowboy and drank it in a matter of minutes. This is an adorable little coffee shop right across the street from Baylor University. You can tell it is definitely a college hang out spot. In the back they had some outdoor seating and a stage where they do live music.

We had an impromptu early dinner at Ninfa's. They serve some really good mexican cuisine. We originally just planed on stoping their for a drink and a snack but the food looked so good we ended up having dinner there.


Tanisha and I both really wanted to find a church to visit while we were there. So, on Sunday morning we visited Antioch Church. This church was so cool and you can tell they are alive in their community and as a church body. They did a few things during the service that neither one of us had experienced before and it was so neat. Thank you, thank you, Antioch for the incredible service.

After church we found brunch at Cafe Cappuccino right down the street from where we stayed. They have lots of flavor options for their coffee and some good ole' diner breakfast. We shared a plate of banana bread french toast that was pretty good. Their omelets and breakfast quesadilla were yummy too.

Later in the day we found a local ice cream truck that was also recommended to us called Pokey O's. The only way to find them is to follow them on instagram or twitter because they move around a couple of times every day. They make ice cream sandwiches with all different kinds of cookie flavors and ice cream flavors.


We had a wonderful experience in Waco and felt very welcomed. I highly recommend a trip to this adorable little town. They have great shopping, food, and hospitality!


Norah | nine months

AGE: 9 months

HEIGHT: 28.5 inches

WEIGHT: 18 lbs 10 oz

CLOTHING SIZE: 9 month clothing

UPDATE: Norah is now sitting up on her own and army crawling. She has figured out how to get her knees underneath her, but now how to move one forward after the next. She can get from her belly all the way to a sitting position. She is eating baby food as well as snacks (puffs and yogurt melts). Norah has 6 teeth and is currently working on a few more. Overall, she is a really happy baby. We had a few weeks of stranger danger, but she got over it pretty quickly. She still thinks Isaiah is the funniest person on the planet, which is adorable to watch. Norah is one tough little cookie... her brother shows her no mercy sometimes and she wont even flinch. I am so excited to see how their relationship grows! They are already 2 peas in a pod!



Brenton qualified for a family trip through his work again, and this year, the trip was to Disneyland in California. We decided to leave Norah back and enjoy the time with just Isaiah.

We left on a Sunday morning so we arrived with half of the day left to spend at the pool. We stayed at a beautiful resort right in Downtown Disney. Our resort had a restaurant in it called the Storybook cafe. In it, they had some Disney characters wandering around and stoping at all of the tables. Isaiah thought this was the coolest thing ever. He was loving the Chipmunks and Pluto! I honestly think this was the best part of the trip for him!

On Monday we got tickets into the park and spent the day exploring Disneyland. My brother, Alex, lives in Oceanside so my mom flew in and the 2 of them joined us. Isaiah wasn't tall enough to ride most of the rides so we did what we could. It was pretty crowded but we managed to have some fun and make some good memories!

Tuesday morning, before my mom and Alex took off, we went to a dine-in moving theater to see Despicable Me 3 in 3D. It was our first experience in one of these theaters! We had big reclining seats and Isaiah sat still through the entire movie. This was the one evening we didn't have a dinner to attend, so we went to the Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney. If you are familiar with the Rainforest Cafe, you know they have animated animals throughout the restaurant. We were seated right next to the elephants. Isaiah was enamored and didn't want to take his eyes off of them! They also do the fake thunderstorms every 30 minutes. We were not sure how he was going to handle it, but he thought it was pretty cool.

Wednesday we spent almost the entire day at the pool. He went down both the big and little water slides and has absolutely no fear when it comes to jumping in! That night we had a company hosted dinner at the resort. They had incredible food for us and we also got to do a meet and greet with Mickey and Minnie Mouse! Again, I think the characters were Isaiah's favorite part of the whole trip.

Our travel day on Thursday was something else. We missed our shuttle by seconds to get to the airport. Luckily the hotel payed for our $100 taxi back to LAX so we made it in time. We got checked in and on our plane, but then sat for an hour at the terminal because they had to fix a tire. This caused us to miss our connection in Denver. We then had a 4 hour wait until the next flight. They delayed our flight home 2 more times after that. We didn't end up getting home until a little before midnight. On the bright side, all of our luggage made it and we didn't crash in the thunderstorm that was rolling in when we took off. So, there's that. ;)

Thanks for the memories, Disney!
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